Θανάσης Πολυκανδριώτης

The Music Room, on the Rizes music stage in Kerameikos, welcomes this winter the composer and bouzouki soloist Thanasis Polykandriotis. Thanasis Polykandriotis will present his own Pot Pouri every Saturday night and Sunday noon. After 55 years of artistic experience in discography, concerts and education, the composer chooses to present a popular program on all subjects, with a multi-collection repertoire. In the play Potpourri, the composer “confuses” similar songs from different chronological decades but from related composers in the same direction, folk, rebetiko, elementary, art.

The grandeur of a Sabah taxim and improvisation at the right time pave the way for the classic “Giati kale geitonisa”, “Enas magas sto Votaniko”, continues with the Hijasakiar taxim and of course follows the same paths as “Ta vasana mou” and “Ithela na se antamona”. In the performance Pot pouri, Polykandriotis will remind us of a series of emblematic first performances that were captured on vinyl by his own sound and marked the Greek discography. The Zeibekiko of Evdokia by Manos Loizos, the Athanasia of Manos Hadjidakis, To Makry Zeibekiko tou Nikou by Dionysis Savvopoulos, I Proti Fora of Mimis Plessas are some of them. The program includes also the great hits of the composer such as, Teleiosame loipon, Stou feggariou tin agkalia, Tie kana gia parti mou, Ta pires ola, Ateleioto Erotiko Taxidi.

During the show, the bouzouki will also meet Johannes Brahms, a musical innovation that Polykandriotis has become accustomed to with the collaboration of our folk instrument with symphonic orchestras. Polykandriotis aspires to come close to the public, to create a music hangout, which will even accommodate orders, which is appropriate for such a friendly “family” space where the artist has direct contact with the audience.

On stage with him: Christina Michalaki singer, Alexandros Kouvelis-bouzouki-tzoura, Andreas Voudouris-piano, Nikos Darilas-percussion, Costas Aravantinos-guitar-voice.

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