Θανάσης Πολυκανδριώτης

The bouzouki becomes part of the Athens Conservatory’s curriculum
taught by Thanasis Polykandriotis

The very successful 2nd Convention,
“The bouzouki today” took place in the MCF today


Enjoying great success, the 2nd convention about the bouzouki took place on January 8th 2014 in the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation. Excellent speakersartistic collaborations on stage on the following concert, as well as the big audience, once again proved the folk instrument’s momentum and people’s undivided interest in tradition and its future.

A special moment at the convention, was Conductor and President of the Athens Conservatory Nikos Tsouchlos‘ speech, when he announced that, for the first time, there would be a bouzouki class in the Athens Conservatory under the tuition of Thanasis Polykandriotis, causing excitement in the audience.

Main speakers at the covention were: Katerina kamilaki – Director of the Folklore Research Center of the Academy of Athens, Nikos Tsouchlas – Conductor and Associate Professor of the Ionian University, Christos Nikolopoulos – Composer, Kostas Mpliatkas – Journalist and writer, Thanassis Polykandriotis – Composer, Lampros Liavas – Ethnomusicologist, Kostas Mpalachoutis – Journalist and Manager of, Yiorgos Tsampras – Journalist, Nikos Fronimopoulos – Luthier and Researcher, Dimitris Stathakopoulos – Professor of the Panteion University, Musicologist and Jurist, Dimitris Maniatis – Journalist of “TA NEA” newspaper (convention coordinator)

The speakers approached the instrument’s past and present aspects of sociology, musical composition, but construction as well, while at the same time, a thorough briefing was given about Greece’s appeal to include the bouzouki (3-string, 4-string, tzouras and baglamas) in UNESCO’s list of World Cultural Heritage.

During the speeches, both highly regarded and younger artists like: Christos PapadopoulosKostas Ageris. Dionysis Kornilakis, Yiorgos Georgopoulos, Yiannis Karakalpakidis, Phoevos Apostolidis, Argyro Keramida, Georgia Kompou, Preveza music ensemble were playing original pieces and bouzouki arrangements, while a touching moment was the participation via Skype of the bouzouki player Grigoris Tzistoudis, who lives in Munich and has had a significant career as a performer abroad.

The evening came to an end with the Concert – Tribute to Manolis Chiotis featuring Thanassis Polykandriotis and his Musical Ensemble “Oi Epomenoi” (33 bouzoukia) and Anna Meliti and Christina Michalaki who amazed the audience with their performance and dynamism.

Special moments of the concert were when Stamatis Kraounakis and Antonis Mitzelos performed, in their own personal fashion, one of Manolis Chiotis’ songs each.

In the audience of the packed MCF Theater, except from the aforementioned, we also saw: Christos Nikolopoulos, Lefteris Papadopoulos, Panagiotis Kounadis, football legend Antonis Antoniadis, journalist Dimitris Rizos, performer and lyra player Dimitris Karasavidis, researcher Petros Dragoumanos, luthier Kostas Milionis, bouzouki virtuosi Dimitris Kordatzis, Manolis Michalakis, Nikos Tatasopoulos, Yiorgos Matsikas, Yiorgos Altis, song writer and publisher Moissis Aser, Kostas Tziagoulas, professor and writer Minoas, owner and General Manager of Odgoo Music Group, nikos Anagnostakis and Kostas Anagnostakis etc.

The success of the event with the spirited participation of both the audience and the speakers, the interesting speeches and views, the subjects discussed have already driven Thanassis Polykandriotis, who leads the initiative, to plan what will be next…

Organization: MEKEPO (Mediterranean Center for the Research of Culture) “OI EPOMENOI”, Vivi Polykandrioti

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