Thanasis Polykandriotis collaborates with the Thessaloniki Symphonic Orchestra.

On Wednesday, March 26 2014, in the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, composer and bouzouki virtuoso Thanasis Polykandriotis will collaborate with the Thessaloniki Symphonic Orchestra, under conductor Panagis Diamantis.

The set list is as follows: - N. Astrinidis - Dance Grecque - world premiere (orchestrated by Chronis Papamoschos) -Thanasis Polykandriotis - Concert for Bouzouki No 1, in D minor -Yiannis Konstantinidis - Dodecanesean Suite No 1 -Chronis Papamoschos - Four Dodecanesean Songs 1. Pote mou den ixomeina (Nisyros) 2. Siganos (Kalymnos) 3. Nanourisma (Patmos) 4. Kato st' agrio perivoli (Nisyros) .

Polykandriotis says: "My work is dedicated to the young who really want to continue the tradition bequeathed to us by our great teachers, Chiotis, Zampetas, Mpempis, Tsitsanis and many others".

Participating musicians: Charoula Papagiannidoy - vocals, Manolis Emmanouloudis - violin, Miltos Spyridopoylos - laouto  

The concert will take place on Wednesday March 26 at 9 pm in the "Aimilios Riadis" M2 hall and will be enriched with other events:

Wednesday, March 26 2014 at 8 pm in the M2 foyer - Concert by the Ano Poli Conservatory Students.

Friday, March 28 2014 - Bouzouki seminar by Thanasis Polykandriotis.

For information on the seminar's cost and applications:

Information - Tickets: 2310 895.938-9 | |Public

Ticket Prices: €12, €8 (students - unemployment card holders)