Folk musical instrument training in our country is lacking, because up until today no one has taken it seriously. The struggle for better musical education is long and tough, yet the goal is not beyond reach. Armed with the love I see in young people, I ceaselessly move forward. Since 1993, when I founded the School of Folk Music Tradition, I have begun the arduous task of educating the young in our country's Folk Music Tradition and especially in the bouzouki. So I decided to write a series of books for the newer generations, putting my soul in them. 

In 1999 my first book was published, titled "It's easy to learn the bouzouki".

It is a very simple yet substantial learning method for the bouzouki. 

In 2008 it was republished accompanied by a CD.

The second book, titled "Thanasis Polykandriotis for piano - keyboard - guitar", is a song collection  edited by Tolis Kokkinos. My 23 songs included in the book are also an offering to the young. so that they can read and accurately learn each song's original performance.

My third book is titled " ThanasisPolykandriotis for bouzouki - with tablature"

In May 2009 I published my fourth book, "Folk Harmony", an important tool for every young musician both for tempered and non-tempered instruments. This book comes to fill a gap existing in Greek music in the method for harmonizing folk modes. It s intended for a wide variety of Greek and foreign musicians -since it is bilingual- who wish to get to know our folk and traditional music. The book is officially approved by the Greek Ministry of Education.

In December 2012 I presented the book "Concert for Bouzouki No 1" with the symphonic orchestra score.

My books are published by PhilipposNakas Publications and you can find them in their retail chain stores all across Greece. For more information, visit

In my capacity as a teacher and after several years of struggle, I dare say that something good is starting to emerge concerning the matter at hand. Starting from October 2014, the bouzouki will be taught in the Athens Conservatory. I consider the establishment of an Academy of Greek Music by the state an imperative.

Thanasis Polykandriotis.